Add Your Institution

Adding your institution will allow your faculty and staff to access resources to which your institution currently subscribes. Otherwise they will only have access to free resources such as PubMed.

To help us add your institution to ACCESSSS, please fill out the form below as accurately as possible. We will contact you shortly thereafter to confirm certain details and begin testing. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Step 1

Please provide your name And email address.

Step 2

Please provide your institution name as you would like it to appear in ACCESSSS, the library's website address and the proper link to correctly invoke the proxy.

Step 3

Please indicate the following for each resource listed

  1. Does your library license this resource?
  2. Is access "normal" (e.g. resource is licensed directly through owner) or through a third party (e.g. EBSCO/Ovid/StatREF)?
  3. Provide any URL tokens that may be involved in authenticating users.
  4. If the resource should be visible to users affiliated with your institution (we reccomend you leave them all visible).

Step 4

It would be ideal if a temporary account for the proxy could be provided. This will ensure that we are able to debug issues which may arise during setup.

Without one it will be difficult to determine the root of any issues and we will have to rely on e-mail or telephone contact with a staff member in order to work things out.

Tick the box below if you are able to provide a temporary proxy account.

Step 5

Please add any additional comments that may assist us getting things set up.